Scrumps Cupcakes has a passion to serve you in the most scrumptious way possible. No matter what preferences you may have, our 50 different cupcake flavors will ensure that you’re delightfully satisfied. Just how popular are these desserts? Scrumps Cupcakes was on the famed Cupcake Wars TV series. This is no surprise, though, when you experience for yourself these delectable treats that leave everyone who tastes them wanting more! In 2011, Scrumps Cupcakes gained nationwide notoriety on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, putting us on the map for a truly divine sweet destination for food travelers across the nation. Our three famous cupcakes on the Food Network Channel were, The King, Chocolate Cream Pie and Maple Bacon.

Scrumps Cupcakes is an independently owned cupcakery and specialty shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. We provide specialty desserts throughout the all of East Tennessee area. Our bakery is an ALL-FROM-SCATCH bakery that doesn’t apologize for BUTTER in our recipes. Our cakes have a FULL BODIED, flavor with well-balanced icing. No Light and Fluffy Stuff Made Here! We give out thousands of our cupcake samples away at bridal shows and never leave with less than 15-20 weddings booked. Once people taste our cakes it’s an “Oh My Gosh” moment and like nothing they have experienced before. We have over 50 current cupcake flavors to choose from but are always adding new combinations and can create amazing cake decorations and flavors customized just for you.

I am a self-taught cook and baker. My parents have always instilled a strong sense of confidence and drive in me. I try to take that drive and apply it to most everything I do, including baking. I love to cook and have always found a certain comfort and ease in doing it. Although I’ve not always been a baker by profession, it seems like I’ve always been one at heart. Sometimes it takes a little shove in the right direction, or a majorly sweet ADDICTION to those delicious cupcakes! I’m pretty sure it’s the later!