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Free Download Home Inventory Worksheet Templates

Home inventory is needed by every household to get records of their home property in a neat, clear, and orderly manner. From existing experience, home inventory will be very meaningful if you need to claim insurance. This is because the insurer will find out what you really have and the total value of the property in your home. In addition, home inventory functions to:

  1. Save money and time when there are data collection losses due to natural disasters or fires.
  2. Control the unexpected damage better. Unexpected things that can cause loss of property is really not expected by anyone. As mentioned earlier, claiming will be easier if you have a list of your possessions.
  3. Save important documents such as receipts, manuals, warrant, photographs, etc. more regularly.

Here are tips for making a home inventory worksheet:

  1. Use the scanner to make copies of important personal documents. Save the document in several places, at least on a computer / laptop and in cloud storage.
  2. Update inventory immediately after buying / getting new items and delete items that you don’t already have.
  3. Scan and add receipts from inventory purchases on your inventory records.
  4. Portrait of the inside and outside of the house or video record the condition of your home. Upload this image or video to your computer / laptop and online file storage of your choice.
  5. Store inventory lists in a safe place away from your home such as in the office, safe, or online. Alternatively, send inventory files by email to friends / relatives you trust. This will make it easy for the inventory list to be accessed.

Even if you are renting a house or living in a boarding house, you also need to make a home inventory. You can sort out which ones are rental / dormitory / boarding property with your own property.

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