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Free Download Office Inventory Templates

Mismanagement of inventory can result in orders being canceled due to lack of inventory. In the end, canceling this order causes an income loss. If you have a small company, a growing company, or a startup, you may also hold a position as the person in charge of inventory management. This dual position of responsibility may make you overwhelmed preparing an inventory recording template. No need to worry, let your brain rest a little by downloading the following ready-made inventory templates:

  • Free Download Office Inventory Template
  • Free Download Personnel Inventory Template
  • Free Download Office Inventory Tracker Template
  • Free Download Health Office Equipment Inventory Template
  • Free Download Printable Supply Inventory Template
  • And many more!

After downloading the office inventory template that you need, consider the following steps to accurately record inventory:

  1. Prepare a log of inventory in the form of notes sheets or spreadsheet tables. If necessary, take your laptop or tablet to the inventory warehouse to speed up the data entry process.
  2. Group inventory by type or location. For example, separate inventory into related groups such as files, stationery, paper copies, notes, etc. You can also separate inventory based on product numbers or codes. Most small businesses simply categorize stock in the general category but larger companies with more than one department and storage space might prefer a more detailed approach.
  3. Count the items and note the number of units available. The unit that was written out has 0 stock.
  4. Determine how important the company needs to order again for each item. This can be judged by how fast your company sells the product and how quickly the product can be replaced.
  5. Record the purchase of a new office purchase supply when the purchase has been made.

Accounting tips for inventory:

  1. Update the company ledgers
  2. Check inventory regularly
  3. Update the inventory log regularly
  4. Calculate unit costs
  5. Calculate inventory’s total cost
  6. Update the book and leave notes as to why the changes were made


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